ISO 15504 SPICE Consultancy Services

ISO 15504 SPICE Consultancy Services

Today, time and quality is an important requirement that must be wanted by everyone. As a Siper Technology, we offer ISO 15408 SPICE consulting services to our companies by combining these two facts. We are claiming to do that in right way. It has never been presented by someone else before us like this. Please contact us to get this service for fast and high quality by positioning your software security requirement and methodology in a short time.

Our 9-days intensive Software Process Improvement and Capability Determination consulting service makes your organization looks perfect by giving good service with our 10+ years of experienced, software development background and master engineer educated persons. We promise that we will do this in a short time if your business provides us with the following 3 roles at most.

  • Software Developer Expert Role
  • Software Manager Role
  • Quality Expert Role

Software Process Improvement and Capability Determination Consulting Service Content

Good quality and fast service can only be served by expertise and deep experience. You can not take this by everybody, it is just the right thing to get it done by the succeeded person. Briefly, consulting service is proceeding as follows.

Within the first 7 days, standard-specific trainings are provided, infrastructure is established, all documentation requirements are completed and a functioning system is established. Within the next 2 days of service, the rational operation of the control, audit and processes is monitored and the deficiencies are completed.

If time and quality are important to you, you can request this program. We are waiting for you with the request of "Super Speed ​​SPICE".