Today, the importance of personal data acording to other data, has become clear with the Law of Personal Data Protection, which was recently adopted. In our country, with the law numbered 6698, the "person concerned" was given the right to question their own information for the purpose of use and for the extermination. This personal data issue, which is a new right for our nation, has come up as a difficult process to operate and a new concept for many enterprises. This is why many technical firms and law firms have been competing for services to solve this personal data issue.

When it is evaluated in terms of service, KVKK compliance counseling is a deep service offered by combining 2 legal and technical processes. Whoever you say what you say, without evaluating this harmoniously will cause you to get a wrong and impractical service. It is heard that businesses that received this service in the first implementation period, felt that they could not operate it afterwards and that something was missing. Therefore, it is necessary to evaluate the harmonization process in a holistic way and to see that the service provided will support an operational KVKK management process.

KVKK Compliance Advisory Service (technical compliance + legal compliance)
Guidelines and legislation issued by the Board state the requirements and suggestions to be taken on behalf of the solution to the KVKK problem. Although not very detailed processes are defined, there is a roadmap that businesses can follow. However, harmonization process is not only about taking administrative and technical measures. Beyond that, the training of personnel who process personal data, the security tests that must be done regularly, the establishment of a process that can be operated according to some technical rules, and the obligation to prove it as data responsibility during the performance of these processes must be met. In-depth assessment of the work done in the compliance consultancy to be received and dissolution in a pot is a good indication of service to be fully received.