Personal Data Protection Law Act #6698 (KVKK) has made changes in methods of doing business in ways that are not expected to the enterprises.

Although institutions in Turkey are unprepared situation but the protection of personal data in Europe is implemented for many years. KVKK is presented as a new thing so that a lot of company's appetite has been busted up and the firm that provides many related / unrelated solutions has created information pollution about KVKK.

Institutions shoul find the right way in this environment of information pollution. Before responding to this question, it is firstly necessary to determine what KVKK really is and how it should be approached. After this situation is clarified, actual walking can be started for KVKK.

Two sides of KVKK

It is said that 20% of the KVKK processes are technical and 20% of it legal because of the high level of attorney's offices which direct this work in the sector.
Basically it seems that there are people who believe in it and act accordingly. However, when the issue is examined in depth, 100% of KVKK processes are legal, and 100% is technical. It's like two sides of Coin. Coin can not be made up with one side. Likely coin, it is a serious shortcoming when the legal and technical dimension is not available in all processes. When the defined policies and legal processes return to practice, while the technical issues are needed and the solutions are pending, the critical processes also have to deal with legal matters in its functioning. Institutions will be able to make the most correct functioning when approaching the process with this logic.

The holistic harmonization work towards the Personal Data Issue is a work to be done in exactly the way we call it. Personal data security can only be achieved by creating solutions specific to each institution, taking into account all organizational structure and risks.
It is a success that the whole harmonization process is carried out in an integrated and complete harmony with the active participation of legal and technical consultants.