TS ISO / IEC 15408 Common Criteria - The Common Criteria standard is an International standard for product safety that we have often heard in our country in recent years. In recent years, this standard, which is more preferred based on hardware based security evaluation in the past years, is gradually evolving towards an overvaluation of software products with the need for more security in the last years.

Basic and standard information about common criteria can be obtained from the Common Criteria Portal site www.commoncriteriaportal.org.
The standard is presented under 3 different headings as follows:

Part 1: Introduction and general model
Part 2: Security functional requirements    
Part 3: Security assurance requirements    

However, there is also the CEM - Common Criteria Evaluation Methodology document describing the evaluation methodology of the standard.
On the portal site you can also get a list of products that have been successfully evaluated all over the world. The listing of these products is grouped according to the following headings.

  • Access Control Devices and Systems
  • Biometric Systems and Devices
  • Boundary Protection Devices and Systems
  • Data Protection
  • Databases
  • Detection Devices and Systems
  • ICs, Smart Cards and Smart Card-Related Devices and Systems
  • Key Management Systems
  • Mobility
  • Multi-Function Devices
  • Network and Network-Related Devices and Systems
  • Operating Systems
  • Other Devices and Systems
  • Products for Digital Signatures
  • Trusted Computing

Containing the most important resources that product evaluators refer to in particular, this portal is a guide for producers who want to evaluate their product for the ISO 15408 Common Criteria. Finding and receiving the right service as a guide, especially in evaluating Common Criteria with a wide range of product varieties, is one of the most important factors for successful product evaluation process.
We would like to emphasize that it is important to have a consultancy service which is experienced and experienced about the standard language and the product that will be evaluated, in order to facilitate the processes that will be carried out in laboratory evaluations.

A valuable consideration is the architectural observation to be obtained with ISO 15408 consultation. It is important to remember that if you believe that you have prepared a perfect product and that it is the most important factor in the development of a quality and safe product.